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Case Studies

NWCDS Case Study

When the police and fire agencies served by the Northwest Central Dispatch System made the switch to encrypted P25 radios, HigherGround didn’t skip a beat. Our technicians worked persistently with Motorola to integrate the Capture911 recorder with the P25 system, developing a customized solution tailored to the NWCDS environment. The transition was seamless — NWCDS didn’t lose a single recording. The HigherGround integration with P25 radios ensures you record every call and every transmission, every time.

Many recording vendors rely on clunky, problem-prone hardware integrations to record P25, but HigherGround has developed active lab-tested and validated software-based integrations that ensure maximum system uptime.
Our true IP integration can capture compressed P25 packets without sacrificing audio quality.
Easily and instantly search through archived radio transmissions as well as calls, by officer, dispatcher, time index, talkgroup or a host of other data fields.
Playback audio from multiple sources simultaneously to better understand incident timelines.