Unlock the Vast Amount of Data
Within Your Call Recordings

Our HigherGround call recording technology platform seemlessly integrates with SpeechIQTM advanced speech analytics and quality assurance platform, which allows you to convert the information trapped in every customer interaction into actionable data.

Transform 100% of your customer engagements into intelligent data that can be searched, measured and analyzed to provide a better understanding of communications, agent behavior and actions. This truly scalable solution, backed by the best analytics engine in the world, IBM Watson for sentiment analysis, gives organizations an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform.

SpeechIQ Benefits

Fast analysis and decision-making
Select or search all calls by specific data fields and keywords, saving time and money by enabling rapid analysis and decision-making.
Automatic call monitoring
Automatically monitor and score all calls, alerting supervisors to urgent situations and allowing them to identify and address agent issues or urgent situations rapidly.
360-degree view
Get an accurate, 360-degree view of interactions with word-for-word transcripts associated with voice recordings, metadata and call scoring.
Comprehensive data analytics
Analytics data provided also includes sentiment, number of keyword mentions, silence detection and automated agent scoring.

How it Works

The HigherGround recording server forwards recordings to the cloud-based SpeechIQ solution which creates a transcript of the interaction, analyzes the recording for keywords and silence detection, uses the IBM Watson engine for sentiment analysis and automatically scores the interaction. This information is relayed back to the HigherGround database, where transcripts, scores and analyses are stored and easily accessible for reporting.

The key advantage of this approach is that users need only access one interface for day-to-day search, retrieval and playback functions. Furthermore, users are able to access all audio and associated metadata through the HigherGround interface. The SpeechIQ interface can also be accessed as needed for additional in-depth analyses, e.g., word clouds.