Winscribe dictation and documentation solutions for:
Health Care, Legal & Law Enforcement

The Winscribe Suite of Solutions

Mactek partners with Winscribe to bring you reporting and documentation solutions that create efficiencies by integrating systems, which gives your staff more time to do the things that matter most. Our technologies are specifically created for health care, legal and law enforcement industries which heavily depend on accuracy, security and high productivity. Join over 350,000 users worldwide who use Winscribe.

Winscribe for Health Care

Medical Documentation Software that makes reporting and document creation fast, easy and secure.  Provide clinical staff powerful tools like templated documents, speech recognition and system integration that allow your healthcare professionals to create documents in moments and gives more time to care for patients.

Features include:

  • Medical Dictation
  • Winscribe Text
  • Transcription/Outsourcing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Professional Services
  • Medical Mobility

Winscribe for Legal

Be smart about the way your organization approaches administration. Reduce document turnaround time, increase profitability and serve clients faster, all while using your voice.  Productivity enhancing tools, such as dictation, speech recognition and mobile documentation, enable layers to get legal documents done faster, and improve client services.

Key benefits include:

  • Advanced workflow and intelligent automation help reduce organizational costs and improve staff productivity.
  • Speech recognition enhances productivity and decreases document turnaround time.
  • Mobilizes workforce by leveraging existing investments with flexible recording options (smartphones, tablets, digital recorders).
  • Integrating with existing case and data management systems provides for streamlined processes.
  • Flexible acquisition options by means of traditional (on premise) licensing or cloud-based SaaS licensing meets the needs of your firm.

Winscribe for Legal Brochure

Payne, Butler Lang Case Study

Winscribe for Law Enforcement

Speech-enabled reporting for law enforcement professionals allows your team to spend less time on administrative necessities and more time serving the public.  Our platform is designed with your security, interoperability and mobility needs in mind; all of which contribute to greater organizational productivity.

Key features include:

  • Interfaces with Records Management systems to improve data integrity and optimize efficiency.
  • Advanced multimedia transcription options produce transcribed reports faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Reporting and Analysis lets you know each job’s status, addresses bottlenecks and increases workflow efficiency.
  • Security features allow you to track and audit access to audio files and securely and centrally manage data, recordings and reports.
  • Our flexible device compatibility lets your officers choose their preferred devices including smartphones, tablets and handheld recorders.

Winscribe for Law Enforcement Brochure

Case Study: Winscribe Eases Load for City of Plymouth Police Department